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Day 187 - 193 - Catchin Up With Family P5


Sunday was an early wake up to allow us time to reach the train station (only with me running on ahead). Once we pulled into Roma St we walked as far as the cultural centre & bussed to Carindale Shopping Centre. We set up our Lifestyle stands & waited for people to take an interest. it was very awkward for me as a first-timer & I didn't say hello until afternoon, occupying my time chatting to Vix & placing bets whether the next person would take a mile-long detour to avoid us. Before long I wasn't just talking to people I ws pouncing on unsuspecting shoppers!
The result of our hard day's work was Russ 2, Vix 3. After a fun-filled pack up & set up as we relocated from Carindale to Chermside (2hrs extra work) & demonstrating our awesome navigational skills got lost whilst directing Adam to Uncle Kev's!

Monday Vix got a lift off Aunty Sylv to Chermside while I enjoyed a lazy morning in bed followed by a lazy afternoon reading & writing. I did my 6-8 shift with no sales & was soon back a the house.

Tuesday we both lay in till 9ish then took a long walk to Caboolture eating lunch on the way at the picturesque Centenary Park in front of a big fountain in the middle of a lake. In town we hoped to find work or at least assistance but got neither as the agencies only dealt with residents. The library thankfully didn't follow the same rules as we were able to use the internet & borrow books. After buying a nice $12 t-shirt from Kmart I walked to wrk for a torturous shift whilst Vix went home.

Wednesday just consisted of Vicky working for Lifestyle at Chermside & me researching jobs on the net at Peterpans & X Base then workig 6-8.

Thursday Vix was at Chermside again whilst I was in Brisbane at Peterpans & walking round town. We met at the libary 4ish & indulged in student night at the forever dead Beetle Bar where we had the Carbonara & wine $6.90 special. Taking a bus to Stones Corner near the Gabba cricket ground we spent 2 hours at the Lifestyle Preview Night where other than us staff there was one potential client of Freya's. The presentation was surprisingly interesting, almost fun & Troy really knew how to pull at peoples' heart strings. Adam gave us a lift back into the city (probably not wanting us to get him lost again) & we caught the train back to Morayfield.

Friday we spent the morning in Peterpans & after bumping into a girl called Helene had a 20 minute interview for charity work. We caught a train to the Valley where we found a bargain haircut place at an oriental place in McWyrtes precinct - $9 for me & $12 for Vix. The centre was the first place in the Valley we had come across the actually had anything cheap let alone haircuts & food! This is because the Valley as a major backpackers area bled travellers dry usually.

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Day 181 - 186 - Catchin Up With Family P4


Sunday we helped Uncle Kev assemble his mountainbikes & with packed lunch the four of us set off on a bike ride. We cycled along the road then down a cycle path past the leisure centre on an almost abandoned side road (which was strange considering how new it looked) & then became cautious as we reached the main road. The hour long leisurely cycle ride took us an hour to get to a slipway down to the mouth of the Caboolture River. A tasty lunch of cheese cobs & biscuits & we bounced through dirtfields past the creek & sewage station back onto the road. It was a fun ride but I was glad when we got back as the seat on my bike had been constantly tipping backwards so everything was shoved up into my body to the point I could've almost passed for an ugly woman.

Monday we got a lift to Caboolture, discovered the library was shut for the damn Ekka & so of course walked to the one place we knew would be open – Morayfield Shopping Centre. After gathering provisions we walked back to the house & waited till work time. The 6-8pm shift passed with no sales & me becoming disillusioned – at least I'd still get paid though.

Tuesday for a change we took a ride with Uncle Kev to Deception Bay half an hour drive along the highway where he dropped us off to go & work on someone's pool. The place didn't seem to live up to such an interesting name unless by deception was meant small, kind of grotty, dull, soul-less residential town that could have passed for Weston-super-Mare (or Weston-super-Mud). Never-the-less a stroll along the front, trying to make out the distant tide was better than being stuck round Caboolture all day. Our walk took us past homes, holidayhomes & caravans then we found something a bit more interesting – a shopping centre. Shortly after we were picked up & driven to Brisbane on a mission to price up the hostels. The first Chill was easy to spot as it was entirely turquoise & had a big tower sticking out of it. It was a little expensive (for us when we had so little money anyway) so we moved on to Brisbane City Backpackers sandwiched between YHA (unfriendly staff) & Cloud 9 (unfriendly, dirty, bad vibes although cheap). City Backpackers was promising with reasonable rates, a swimming pool & it's own bar (not sure if that was a good or bad thing) obscurely called the Fiddlers Elbow.
We had lunch on Southbank then walked to Bunk in The Valley where we were picked up 4ish. There was no time to get changed at the house as bad traffic delayed us & I was forced with the nightmare of ringing work to tell them I'd be late (great impression for my second week). I arrived 5.50pm in my shorts, T-shirt & sandals & worked till 8pm without sales but feeling much more confident doing the job.

Wednesday Vicky was up 6.30am to catch the train to Brisbane & a bus to Carindale Shopping Centre for her first day working for Lifestyle Trader. Whilst she was fighting for the attention of angry shoppers I spent the day with Uncle Kev & Aunty Sylvia enjoying a BBQ on Bribie river front & splashing around on the ocean side until it got cold as a storm headed over. We drove back & shortly after I was at work. Back at the house Vicky reported how her first day had gone – basically stood behind a counter by some shops trying to get the attention of shoppers to fill out a survey & if they met the requirements i.e they were rich/business-minded tell them about the product & the free information evening. She had little success but a lot of fun joking with her cohort.

Thursday we were both up 8ish & soon getting off the train at The Valley. A brief stint in Peterpans & we got a bus to Lutwyche where we met Adam, his "boss" Troy, as well as workmates Freha & Jack. From 12 - 2pm we were trained on the key points & provided input on our survey work (owing to our the lack of success so far in Carindale).
We bused back to the city & I left Vicky there for her obligatory 2 hour information evening Adam had asked her to attend. I caught the train to Caboolture & walked to work. This was the night I made my mark as halfway through my shift I got a guy in his 50s interested in our offer & miraculously was able to get him booked in on the offer for 21-24 December which when paid by credit card meant an automatic sale!
Poor Vicky hadn't been so lucky. She was picked up from Morayfield Shopping Centre 10ish having been bored for the entire evening especially as none of her sign ups had arrived so no commission!

Friday we got up 10ish & unsurprisingly Vicky was knackered, so we chilled out reading & made a small trip to Aldi by Morayfield Shopping Centre later on. Uncle Kev took me to work for 6pm & I got my second sale from a young guy, though until his check was received it couldn't be counted.

Saturday we were both up at 6.30am & I had to walk to the train station as my dozy wife couldn't read the timetable for the bus properly. This meant that after I'd got a train to Caboolture I was already pretty tired before my long walk to work. Luckily a workmate Mel picked me up on the highway so we were first there. It was twenty minutes before anyone could let us in. Thirty minutes into my shift I pulled another sale out of the hat then was frustrated by a long list of incorrect phone numbers & people who already had units on the Sunshine Coast. The cake improved my mindset but I was glad by the time it was over & another workmate Nick was driving me to Morayfield Shopping Centre. I walked back to the house for a fry up lunch & Uncle Kev & Aunty Sylvia took me to Bribie for a pleasant cycle round the front, past really posh houses with their own jetties along the creek.
Vicky got back at 7pm after another fun day doing surveys & had managed to sign up 5 people (4 was the required minimum quota). Fingers crossed they'd turn up for Vicky to get commission!

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Day 174 - 180 - Catchin Up With Family P3

Sunday upon the suggestion of Sean in my training we decided to drive to Mooloolaba on the sunshine coast, to check out the place I would be selling - Oaks Seaforth Resort. At the end of Mooloolaba town the resort appeared luxurious but no more amazing than the fifty other hotels dotted along the coastline. In front a small collection of bars, restaurants & shops. I explained why I was there to the receptionist & was granted access to some of the rooms.
Having never experienced a four an a half star hotel before I wasn't sure what to expect. I certainly didn't expect the set up that materialised infront of my eyes! As I emerged from the reception building I entered a kind of mini Eden. Small paths split in different directions partly obscured by exotic flora & fauna that grew on both sides. A stream trickled alongside weaving in & out of the palm trees & fed into a lagoon with a small beach at one end. For those feeling fitter there was a large swimming pool & gym further on & at one end a function area for those special occasions someone might want to share. Dotted around were picnic areas with gas BBQs that were virtually unused in the current cool climate. With keys in hand I strolled through the labyrinthian maze of paths to one of the five appartment towers that surrounded the gardens. I walked along the basic, magnolia corridor to the lift & second later was inside one of the appartments. It was big yet cosy, a lounge-kitchen with all the mod-cons, decent-sized T.V./DVD combo, ensuite bathroom & a balcony itself half the size of the room. The second room I checked out was the same except it was smaller as it was a double not family appartment.
Back outside we all enjoyed lunch on a grassy part of the headland - crisps & cobs, & then walked along the soft, sandy beach & above the river passage to the sea. A quick ride to the lookout tower & we were on our way back with me killing time learning my script, trying not to cringe as I listened to my recorded voice again & again.

Monday we were up 10ish & I learned my script while Vicky booked an appointment with an agency. Lunchtime she was given a lift to the train station. At 3pm I was driven to the industrial park for my first full work session, taking longer than planned due to traffic (there always seemed to be accidents/roadworks on the main roads & highway). 3.45pm only a small number of us had turned up so the training felt more intimate. An hour was spent on paperwork which was really confusing & not explained well then after a break we were taken upstairs & sat at small table dotted aound the room. Armed with a diary, info folder & phone we were shown what to do then took the plunge. It was frustrating at first as there seemed to be many dodgy numbers & answermachines on my list which didn't really improve much in my 6-8pm shift, but a new trainer Rory reassured me that it would get better & he would help us tomorrow.
Once back at the house despite the lack of progress I felt good as I had made some money (we got a base rate before commission), doing something productive with my time.

Tuesday I spent the morning on my script again & the afternoon we walked the all to familar route to Morayfield Shopping Centre to sort out our bank cards. After a late lunch we walked back & chilled out till it was time for me to catch a bus to the train station. Unfortunately I soon learnt that you can't rely on Caboolture buses as it arrived late & I missed my connecting train. Luckily Uncle Kev was in the area to pick me up so I made work on time.
Rory was training me this time so I felt more comfortable in the sales champ's hands. He spent thirty minutes helping us personalise our scripts then I started my 6-8 shift. Like Monday I made no sales but I came close & I felt more confident on the phone.
I collapsed on the sofa at 8.15pm, after uncle Kev had picked me up then after a rest devoured bacon & mushroom casserole & cauliflour cheese, kindly made by my aunt & uncle.

Wednesday me & Vix spent the morning in Caboolture town itself looking for work. With no success we caught a train to Brisbane at $8.60 each & walked down Roma Street to Peterpans. After the fifth attempt to check emails & jobsearch on the crap, constantly crashing computers we gave up & twiddled our thumbs till our appointment. Matt, the job agency guy had arranged for Adam from the company Lifestyle Traders to see all us desperate jobhunters. He spent 2.5 hours explaining the origins of the company - product of a legend known as Aussie Rob, a company with the sole purpose of selling a trading program to people that would tell them when to get in & when to get out of a trade on the markets. As our eyes crossed he pointed out that we didn't need to fully understand the product. Our role would be to briefly outline it in a shopping centre survey. It would be a 2 week trial & we'd been in teams of 2 working 3 shifts a week. Agreeing to the terms we were marked down for our shifts & left for lunch in the Myer shopping precinct.
We got the train back to Morayfield, bus to Dicarlo Drive all in the cost of the earlier tickets then I was driven to work where I nearly made two sales.

Thursday I left Vicky at her babysitting appointment, ten minutes from Morayfield Shopping Centre & walked to Caboolture, eating lunch at the peaceful lakeside fountain in Centenary Park. In town I checked out the internet at the library & walked back to the shopping centre. All this exercise may seem a bit pointless but as Morayfield was miles away from anywhere we had to kill time in this way or go insane!
Vicky's interview went well but she wasn't told if she'd be looking after the little darlings, being fed the usual "I'll get back to you" line.
In the evening I did my third shift & realised that people can be such arses on the phone. Yes it is dinnertime, yes I might be inconveniencing you for five minutes offering you a cracking deal at a beautiful hotel on the Sunshine Coast but if you listen to me instead of slamming down the phone or being rude to me as a fellow human-being you may actually find it useful that a hotel stay is being offered to you at half price!

Friday we were up 7ish to wolf our breakfast & walk to the train station. We caught the train to Brisbane at 9am, just scraping the $8.60 off peak fare. Getting off at Albion station, a suburb of Brisbane we walked the wrong way to Adam's place for ten minutes until we worked out we needed to be heading for Lutwyche. Finally we found the house/office Adam was using & met the rest of our little team. The next thirty minutes Adam explained our contracts which we promptly signed & enjoyed free Eagle Boys pizzas. Full & lazy we caught a bus to The Valley where we checked out the hostels - Bunk, Prince Consort - neither of which really appealed then spent the afternoon in the other Peterpans. As we headed to the station we entered Mcwhirties Centre & noted that the food at the stalls & cafes was quite cheap at $6-$12. In the city we wandered round the huge modern library known as The Square with ultra-modern glass meeting rooms on the first floor along with computer facilities & DVDs. The second consisted entirely of books. With such a collection & the opportunity to borrow up to 20 books for a month we signed up.
We shot down onto the Roma Street platform just as the train doors closed & not being allowed on had to wait till 4ish for the next one. Back in Morayfield I was given a lift & endured another horrible shift at work!

Saturday I was up even earlier (6.30am) as Uncle Kev was unable to give me a lift so I hobbled to the train station in my ankle-cutting shoes, caught a $2.40 train to Caboolture & took a very long walk along the Bruce Highway through the industrial estate to get to work for 9am. I was glad I'd come. With it being the weekend everyone was more relaxed, there was an abundance of food & music & I nearly made a sale! After work (12ish) one of my colleagues, a large, bubble Kiwi called Jarod gave me a lift to Morayfield Shopping Centre & Uncle Kev brought me back to the house. We sunbathed till 4ish then Linda & Sam came over & we chatted all evening as we tucked into sausage & mash & home-made burgers followed by caramel cake, fruit & icecream & watched T.V.

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Day 167 - 173 - Catchin Up With Family P2


Sunday we just took a twenty minute walk to the shops - a small centre of about 5 shops including a video rental, pie shop, chipshop & IGA - a chain of supermarkets similar to Co-op or Spar. Having enjoyed the highlight of the day we walked back, unable to grasp how so many people could lose their dogs as evident by the missing posters & cooked Uncle Kev & Aunty Sylvia my fav spag bol for tea.

Monday we were taken halfway to Brisbane to Zillmere & caught the train to Roma St Station, one of two stations in the city centre. A 45 minute walk to Padvegas (Paddington), a suburb on the edge of the city & we reached Fresh Planning, a small marketing company operating from a house. We were there for telemarketing interviews with a guy called Zen. Vicky didn't do too bad but her lack of phonework stood against her. I did better however, a 4pm phonecall while we were in Peterpans revealed we were both beaten to the post by someone with sales & marketing experience. Disheartened we caught the train back to Zillmere & were picked up by Uncle Kev.

Tuesday we spent the morning in the garden, trying to clear up my cold with the sunshine. After lunch Aunty Sylvia drove us to various strawberry farms in the area but they were either full of workers or not starting for a while then Vicky tried to hand her c.v. to the local ABC childcare centre but was rudely refused by a member of staff (we later found out that ABC childcare across Queensland was in financial trouble partly due to bad reports & many were being sold off). Back at the house we rang all the fruitpicking numbers in the paper & on the internet but to no avail. On a whim I tried a telemarketing position & was rewarded with an interview for Wednesday!
We spent a few hours at Aunty Sylvia's other sister Sue's for her husband Phil's birthday, enjoying a nice chat with the family & were back by 7pm to treat our rels to our thrilling temple slideshow.

Wednesday the morning we just searched for jobs online then after lunch Uncle Kev drove me halfway to Bribie to Greatbreaks.com, hidden away in a glass office building on an industrial estate. I filled out an applicagtion form & basic maths test while I waited nervously in the foyer then was interviewed by Sean at 2.10pm.
Thirty minutes were spent run through my application, talking about myself & details on the job followed by reading through the script & I was told to be back for training Friday 12pm. I had got the job!

Thursday was a nice relaxing day spent in Caloundra on Kings Beach. While the women sunbathed me & Uncle Kev launched his sea kayak into the waves & paddled across to the nearby island. The waves weren't particularly fierce but my arms were still nearly wrenched from their sockets & my back aching by the time we were back on shore.
Uncle Kev & Aunty Sylvia showed us how it was done as they set off & were co-ordinated & in control throughout.
By five pm we were shattered & headed back to Morayfield.

Friday we tried our luck at work for the Ekka, filling in forms at the showground in Bowen Hills fifteen minutes from Brisbane to work at the Royal Snack Bar. We were told we'd get a call back in the evening or on Saturday, we didn't hold our breath.
We walked through the backpacker area of Fortitude Valley, bought some stationary for my training & Uncle Kev drove me to Greatbreaks.
The training began 12pm & there were four of us there. It was part powerpoint presentation & confusing details about the job & script. My instinct was to get out but knew I had to at least give it a go. Uncle KEv picked me up at 3.20pm & when I got back I rehearsed the script till everyone was sick of hearing it.

Saturday I practiced the script some more as we sunbathed & in the afternoon we wandered round Morayfield Shopping Centre. The place was enormous containing every pet shop, electrical store, supermarket, clothes shop you could want. Apparently these shopping centres exist all across Australia, self-contained districts outside the few cities, an easy drive away.
In the evening Linda came over with her son Sam for a dinner of steak, jacket potatoes & salad & once full we settled down for a torturous four-odd hours watching a crappy asteroid movie & finally realised how irratating Oz tv is with more adverts than tv blairing out at four times the volume of any show (Uncle Kev kept having to turn down the volume when adverts were on). It was four hours of my life I never got back!

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Day 160 - 166 - Catchin Up With Family P1


Owing to the fact that nearly six weeks was spent at Uncle Kevin & Aunty Sylvia's place rather than travelling the entries have been condensed.

Sunday morning we just took a walk round the estate with half finished buildings all similar single 'units' & apparently most being built to customers specifications. The bungalow villa style was pleasing to the eye but being used to such a wide variety of styles it was a little strange.
In the afternoon Uncle Kev & Aunty Sylvia had to attend a conference in Surfers Paradise, just south of Brisbane so drove us the 1 & a half hours along the highway & dropped us in the so-called paradise for a couple of hours. After hearing so much raving about the place we were disappointed. Granted the cold evening weather (not compared to England but we had been in South East Asia's 30 - 40 degrees for 5mths) didn't help but we failed to see the appeal of towering skyscraper appartments & hotels along the main stretch of road that literally blocked the sun, keeping the mediocre stretch of sandy beach in perpetual darkness all day long. Wandering round the 'town' itself we saw a mix of tourist shops, rowdy bars & reasonably clean, paved paths. Definately a place for young people to hang out but our bitterness at being unable to enjoy the place without money tainted our view. After briefly amusing ourselves in the aptly named Condom Shop we crossed back to our rendezvous & were picked up at 7pm. We made great time as the roads were virtually empty so we soon reached the house where we chilled out for the rest of the evening watching a film on Uncle Kev's huge plasma t.v.

Monday was a day spent preparing for when we'd eventually get work, setting up a tax file number online & opening a Commonwealth joint bank account at Morayfield Shopping Centre on the edge of Caboolture town. We even tried to get work through Centrelink (a kind of Aussie job centre) but needed to be residents to use their services. A quick trip to Aldi for a food shop (the vastness of product types never ceases to amaze me) & we were set for the day.

Tuesday we sent emails to companies involved with the hugely popular Ekka, an annual Queensland show which now differs considerably from it's original purpose in 1876 (when it had been a showcase for advances in agriculture & industry), containing amongst other things a fairground, side show alley, animal parades, equestrian shows & lots of canteens & stalls. Owing to our arrival in Oz only days before the Ekka was to start we didn't hold out much hope of work but there were still a few catering & showbag (themed bags of commercail merchandise often incredibly expensive) positions advertised.
That afternoon Uncle Kev drove us to a major beauty spot of Caboolture (about thirty minutes from Morayfield) the Glasshouse Mountains. Named by Captain James Cook, who thought they looked like the huge glass furnaces of his home in Yorkshire, the mountains were the remains of long extinct volcanic cores & have served as a national park since 1994. They were so big that we had actually seen them from Bribie estuary a few days before, silhouetted against the fiery red horizon but were magnificent up close.
Uncle Kev led us up a concrete path that steepened as we came to the top of Beerburrum Mountain & from there we climbed up a ranger tower where we could see the countryside for miles around, forests, fields even the edge of Brisbane & the sea. After enjoying a picnic & boosting ourselves on XS energy drinks we climbed back down stopped at the visitors centre for info on the surrounding area & then were taken to one of the most beautiful coastlines of south east Queensland, Caloundra.
The town had come a long way from the politician Robert Bulcock's garden in 1875 - with its' own shopping centre, mass of appartments, chain shops, takeaways & trendy restaurants & boosting of five pristine sandy beaches. We walked along the partially repaired boardwalk to Kings Beach & were treated to delicious cakes & lattes as we watched the brave surfers negotiating huge rips in the sea.
We drove back to the house for 5pm.

Wednesday we got up early, grabbed a quick breakfast & were driven by Uncle Kev into Brisbane where we were dropped off at South Bank for the day. The recreational corner of the big city was picturesque, lots of small park areas, tropical forests, even an out door swimming pool with fake beach (which was unfortunately closed for a revamp). A path/cycle track traced the route of the Brisbane River & one could either walk across one of the three bridges linking it to the city centre (Kurilpa foot bridge was still being finished though) or take the Citycat ferry. We decided to explore a bit first, passing the trendy area with posh clothes shops & expensive restaurants, the Art Museum, Library & cinema. On the other side we walked past a small number of restaurants, Tinbilly Hostel & a number of curio shops then being collared by a tout were taken to Peterpan (the agency not the character though that would be cool) where we were convinced to part with $30 each for a 3 mth VIP membership entitling us to discounts on the travel agency's prices & access to the job agency. The long list of work - catering, data entry, fruitpicking, office/marketing, nannying, etc made us hopeful. The rep would be in touch.
Walking to the shopping precinct made up of 4 to 5 main streets - Queens Street, Adelaide, Edward, Albert we looked round the shops on & underneath them where Vix bought shoes then after lunch we enjoyed exploring the nearby Botanical Gardens, a massive tropical jungle garden with park areas, cycle routes & some of the most stunning flora & fauna. We got back to South Bank 4ish & were picked up an hour later.

Thursday we spent most of the day lazing on sunbeds in the back garden chatting to Aunty Sylvia & her sister Linda apart from a trip to Morayfield Shopping Centre where I bought shoes & a jumper (it was cold still) & Vicky a jumper, jeans & top from Target. In the evening we were treated to another of Uncle Kev's culinary delights chicken with honey, sweet chilli & a secret ingredient with rice & curled up on the comfy sofas to watch more Aussie t.v. - a micky take comedy called Double Take (which apparently did a remarkably accurate impression of the PM Kevin Rudd) & an inferior version of Harry Hill's TV Burb (in that there was no Harry Hill & the Oz take on his jokes didn't fit).

Friday was more exciting, at least for me. Whilst Vicky was a lazy bum sleeping & sunbathing I was driven by Uncle Kev to Mount Cooroy, just past the Glasshouse Mountains, on his way to work. Getting permission from the bottled water company to walk on their premises I strolled up the dirt path to the base of the mountain & with radio blairing began my 45 minute ascent struggling through thick trees & rubble. At 10am I reached the top & was rewarded with amazing views of the valley - small ponds/lakes, farms, forests then further away bigger lakes & the sea. I found a comfortable rock to lie on & relaxed in the pleasant heat & silence after phoning Uncle Kev. An hour & a half later I climbed back down, the going much tougher as I slip/slide downwards. Back at the bottom I enquired about a job working for the water company & was told to send an email. On the edge of the driveway I sat down to wait for Uncle Kev, politely declined offers of a lift from confused staff. I was picked up at 12.40pm & back at the house for 2pm where Vicky was picked up & we contented ourselves dolphin-watching at Bribie.

Saturday after a few breezy hours in the garden we were given a lift by Linda to the train station an hour later were in Brisbane. We ate lunch opposite the Suncorp Plaza, fighting off the pigeons & checked out Peterpans for jobs. Half five we got the train back & were enjoying instant pasta with sour cream, chives & sausage by 6.50pm.

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